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For any questions or concerns you can reach us at the following:
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Prices for the puppies will be based on current market-trends, so when a litter is born we will get with you over the exact cost of the puppy!

Remember that freckling and spotting is normal and coat patterns can change throughout the first year of life. Eye colors can also change up to 14 weeks as well. Blue eyes can change, and therefor we will not guarantee the final color of the eyes for the puppies.

We keep the tails intact unless requested otherwise. To get a puppy without a tail means they need to be paid in full and reserved completely before they get it removed. Removing tails are cosmetic and personal preference for non-working dogs! Historically the tails were docked for herding dogs so it wouldn't get in the way while they were working. Some tails do come naturally bobbed, but majority tails are the full length. Interesting fact: Aussies normally have white tips on the end of their tails so they can be spotted more easily!
Breeding rights for your puppies will have to be discussed over the quality of puppies for continuing the Australian Shepherd breed. All of our dogs will be registered as pets unless we agreed upon otherwise. Breeding rights are to be taken seriously and have a well-thought-out plan to avoid any irresponsible breeding situations. What does this mean? If you breed your dog without breeding rights and you try to register them to any titles via AKC/ASDR/ASCA you will have to pay a set price back to us, which adds up to a big number in the end. Our advice is talk to us before purchasing your puppy or reach back out to us if you change your mind down the road. Breeding rights can be denied in regard to quality of the puppies or lack of planning in a breeding program.


To begin the process of getting a puppy you can either email us at to get the application sent directly to you to fill out or download it below and send it to us when completed.
We care about where our puppies go, so if your lifestyle does not fit the needs to take care of a new puppy there is a possibility it can be denied.  
Puppies can be seen as soon as six weeks old if you are interested in meeting them beforehand. Once puppies are reserved we will email the new owners weekly updates!
To reserve a puppy we require:
Note: If under any circumstances where you change your mind of the puppy you have reserved it can be transferred to another puppy in the next year or the next litter if it is more than a year difference. Subject to fluctuating prices from availability and market demands. If you cannot pay the remainder of the price for the puppy reserved or are willingly not following through with purchasing the puppy the retainer costs will be forfeited to cover the additional expenses to remarket the puppy.
A completed contract will be provided with AKC/ASDR registrations, microchip paperwork, and a health certificate when taking the puppy home. The final balance will be paid in full before the puppy is able to leave our residence. See our sample of the final contract below:
Per state law, state taxes are not included in our pricing but added to the price of the total purchase.
Picking up your puppy, you can meet us at our address or get in contact with us to find out what options are available for a delivery service. We can drive all throughout Colorado and border states for additional fees that can vary depending on distance, time, and travel costs. Paperwork and final purchased value will be filled out and completed before handing the puppy over.
Out of state or airport pick-ups, we can meet you at our closest airport in Colorado Springs and give you all the necessary paperwork in order to fly with your puppy back to your own airport. You will solely be responsible for the expenses that will be paid to transport the puppy from the airport back to wherever.
Dog nannies are available to fly with the puppies to transport throughout the United States with additional fees which can vary for distance, time, and travel costs again. All of the minor details would have to be worked out beforehand over paying for the price of the nanny traveling agenda, as well as, having the contract and full purchased value paid off.
If for any reason when you have our puppies and cannot care for them anymore we will take them back. This cannot be in results of poor health past 1 year that has been thoroughly listed out on the final contract. Just get back in contact with us and we will work out the details of transporting them back to us, all expenses for returning the dog would be on the owner. This does not include a refund for them. Registrations and microchip information will be updated back into our name temporarily as we are rehoming them.
Please remember that having a dog is a serious commitment, and dogs should not be surprises or gifts. They are another living being that will live with you for the next decade and more! We will not process a puppy application for a 'surprise/gift' dog.

Another thing to think about is scams! Look out for those red flags. Get pictures/videos of the puppies. You shouldn't be sending copious amounts of money through different apps to reserve the puppy. Some of our previous litter pictures have been used elsewhere, for our 2024 litters + it will have watermarks with our logo. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam.